Aches and Pains

Pick up some Tiger Balm at your local pharmacy, and rub it into the sore spots. It will seem to lift the pressure right off the problem area. I use it often for tension headaches–at the nape of the neck and around the temples. But take care and avoid getting it into your eyes!


No, not that kind–tennis ball sized ones, hardish and bouncy, perfect for getting to those pressure points under your achy feet.

Roll the ball in little circles–under the arches, around the heels. Move it up and down, like a roller, under the balls of your feet. Push straight down to apply more pressure. Then pick it up and roll it with your hands over the base of your toes.     

Essential Life Motto: If it feels good, do it.  When it doesn’t, stop. 

Cheap Holistic Thrills

holistic massage tool

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Check out these bongers. (No, I didn’t say “bongs.”) They’re simple tools for giving yourself a massage–especially in places you can’t easily reach. 

Bong away those knots in your traps. Bong the bottoms of your feet to stimulate circulation. Bong along the front and back meridians of your body–or even of your dog

And no batteries needed. They’re powered solely by your own hands. 

Who wants to give it a try and see if you can break up cellulite?  If you’ll show me yours, I’ll show you mine.  


Headache, Get out of my Life

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Like many of you, I suffer.

Got worse when I hit perimenopause,  got hooked on biking, stuck behind a computer.  

But hey, in the past few months, here’s how I’ve found relief:

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