Headache, Get out of my Life

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Like many of you, I suffer.

Got worse when I hit perimenopause,  got hooked on biking, stuck behind a computer.  

But hey, in the past few months, here’s how I’ve found relief:

Cheap Thrills for Headache Sufferers 

1. Tiger Balm, a Chinese remedy available in pharmacies– Just rub it along the throbbing spots—around the temples, along the neck, in circles on those tender spots where the neck attaches to the head.  (Careful. Don’t get it in your eyes.)

2. Ice, a cold wash cloth, frozen peas– also good for relieving pain. 

3. Yoga strap or long scarf—Tie it around your head, making sure to put some light pressure near those pulsating points. (Say your left temple is throbbing. Then tie a light knot in the strap near the spot where it’s pulsing. Like the G spot, you’ll have to experiment with finding the target. )

Although it doesn’t come cheaply, a good massage or three can also work wonders. “Many headaches come from the neck,” says physiotherapist Shelley Alper.  Find a therapist who knows how to relieve tightness in that sensitive area. 

Shelley’s got some other suggestions for neck physio and for functioning in this techno world: Make sure your computer screen is at eye level. Your chin should be tucked in. If you’re cocking your neck upwards all day to look at a screen that’s too high, surely your neck and head will suffer.  Same goes if you’re constantly looking down at your phone or ipad, she says.

“Posture plays a big role in how you feel. Your neck should always be in neutral.”    


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