Vaginal Dryness

As we glow older, the tissues in our vaginas start to thin, and dryness takes over.  A safe solution: Vitamin E vaginal suppositories.  Twice a week over several months should do the trick.

You can order them on the net, or check out your pharmacy. Some pharmacists will even compound them for you. (Visit to find a compounding pharmacist near you.)

Just make sure the suppositories are made of the complete, not partial, Vitamin E– and  pick up a few sanitary pads to go with them.

Another option–calendula, which also comes in suppository form. Studies have shown that  extracts of calendula, a type of marigold, have various healing properties.

Sex Lubes: A Tantric Oil

A Happy AnthuriumI knew I had discovered a good thing when I saw the phrase “Sex Lube” screaming on the label. I’d been buying the oil for a good year–first using it sparingly in the kitchen, then rubbing it all over my hair and body, finally sneaking it bedside. Continue reading

Ladies, want to Arouse your Dormant Libido? Pass the Flax!

holistic health tip libido flaxWell, maybe. Since writing about the anti-cancer benefits of flaxseed on Eat and Beat Cancer,™ I’ve decided to indulge–been taking 2 Tablespoons ground flax/day  for 5 days now.  Holy moly! Continue reading