Sex Lubes: A Tantric Oil

A Happy AnthuriumI knew I had discovered a good thing when I saw the phrase “Sex Lube” screaming on the label. I’d been buying the oil for a good year–first using it sparingly in the kitchen, then rubbing it all over my hair and body, finally sneaking it bedside.

Its smell is so tantalizing.  And in contrast to gooey and cold creams, it’s light and warm to the touch.

Then, last week, I was in a hipster health food store in Tribeca, and what do I see in the fridge? Sitting next to the kale juice and chia pudding is a small jar with a huge label: “Sex Lube–Coconut Oil.”

Although the jury may still be out on the health benefits of coconut oil,  the search for a human sex pheromone could now be complete. What do you think, folks?

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