More Essential Life Props: Rolling Pins for the Flesh

exclamation pointPain in the neck?

Knot in the leg?

Kinks in the calves and thighs?

What you need are some foam rollers. They come in all sorts of sizes and textures. This small one is my personal favorite for rolling the knots out of my stressed-out neck.

Personal trainer and marathon runner Clint Verran likens them to your own personal massage therapist–and has lots of tips for using themWarning: Stay away from bones and joints.  

You can simply order them on Amazon  or directly from a source.  And in case you’re wondering, I don’t get a commission. Come to think of it,  like most bloggers, I don’t make a cent from this blogging business. Are we nuts? Yes, with two exclamation points!! 


1 thought on “More Essential Life Props: Rolling Pins for the Flesh

  1. I never imagined the rewards for blogging would be so satisfying. Who would have thought that we’d all be going crazy communicating with each other in this fashion? Harriet, you are an inspiration!

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