What’s the Healthiest Gym Etiquette?

How's your gym etiquette?Don’t you just hate it when somebody comes along to sanitize the treadmill beside you and sprays all those chemicals into the air? Well, here’s a fresh idea:

Before you even tear off that tissue you’ll wipe with, take the spray bottle and get close to it–even closer, yes, right up on top of it–and now give it a few spritzes. The solution will go directly into the tissue, not into the neighbors’ airspace. Granted, gyms are notorious for sweat and germs, but while we’re doing our deep breathing, it would be nice not to inhale chemicals as well.

Does this resonate with you? If so, please comment. And please share your ideas on another dilemma: How do you get your men to close the toilet seat? My latest attempt–signs with large downward facing arrows adjacent to the toilet–downright bombed. 

2 thoughts on “What’s the Healthiest Gym Etiquette?

  1. Couple of solutions: there are pre-moistened wipes that you can recommend to your gym like Fitwipes. The product I use at home for sports equipment is a botanical disinfectant called Benefect. The primary ingredient is thymol ( thyme oil). As for your husband-training problem; they are a bit like puppies and can only be trained in their first year. Give up.

  2. Try slamming down the toilet seat, really hard, making a huge noise that will startle. Then sweetly say you were in a hurry. Do that repeatedly until the toilet seat remains down.

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