Ten Minutes of Relaxing Bliss

Shri Yoga in Montreal I’m a sucker for a good yoga riff. Give me a short series of stretches that I can keep repeating, spontaneously, any time I feel the urge–and that’s  bliss.  Thanks, Shri Yoga

In ten quick minutes, Shri Yoga’s Holiday Mini-Practice  will give you a gentle way to start off and finish up your every day. Stretch your leg muscles, open up your hips and perhaps most importantly, get in touch with the rhythm of your breath so you can stay calm and centered.

And here’s the best part: This sequence is really easy to remember. After one viewing, you won’t have to turn your head or find your glasses to watch the video.  Just listen to Barrie’s soothing voice and focus on your own inhales and exhales.

Any suggestions for other yoga riffs you’ve found on the internet? Please share them below with all of us suckers.

1 thought on “Ten Minutes of Relaxing Bliss

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Harriet. We originally recorded this as an antidote to the post-Christmas lethargy, but it will also work perfectly after the Thanksgiving meal!

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