Essential Life Props: Balls

holistic health tip balls          


No, not that kind–tennis ball sized ones, hardish and bouncy, perfect for getting to those pressure points under your achy feet.

Roll the ball in little circles–under the arches, around the heels. Move it up and down, like a roller, under the balls of your feet. Push straight down to apply more pressure. Then pick it up and roll it with your hands over the base of your toes.     

Essential Life Motto: If it feels good, do it.  When it doesn’t, stop. 

2 thoughts on “Essential Life Props: Balls

  1. Rolling a ball under the arches helps relieve the pain from plantar fasciitis. If you have pain in the arch when you take your first am step, you may be suffering from this. Want extra relief? Try rolling a frozen water bottle under your foot.
    Great tips Harriet!

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