Tell us your Favorite Yoga Teachers

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Heather Lilleston, of the Shala Yoga House, in New York City

Now’s your chance to spread the word:  Who’s your favorite yoga teacher? Just send a comment below along with his or her name, location and if you want, a blurb about what you like.

Here’s my nomination –at least for this week.    

Location: New York City, The Shala Yoga House, near Union Square and in Brooklyn

Teachers: Heather Lilleston, along with the wise owners, Barbara and Kristin

Why do I love them?  Once upon a time, you`d mention the word “Ashtanga,” and I`d take off sprinting in the opposite direction. Give me gentle yoga. Prop me up with blankets and straps, and let me stay there, releasing the kinks, for a long while.

But these women will teach you how to embrace the more athletic Ashtanga style.  And once you get there, you realize how much good it does for reshaping your body and your soul.

Theirs (or at least their version for us Ashtanga beginners) is a kinder, gentler Ashtanga practice. You flow more slowly than in traditional power yoga. You get to breathe between poses a relatively long while. You can even skip the hardest parts (They encourage modifications.) And when they take their tender touch to your body and correct your alignment, you simply melt into their hands.

Ashtanga with patience, I`d call it.  If you`re an Ashtanga novice, call or email ( to find out what classes to take. If you`re one of those who can do countless vinyasas and headstands with ease, take your pick from a number of classes.  Heather—shown here at The Shala’s recent retreat in Mexico —teaches advanced ones.

Your turn to brag about your personal favorites…

1 thought on “Tell us your Favorite Yoga Teachers

  1. My favorite yoga teacher of all times is my dear friend Patty Barrocas. She’s my personal yogi, because she comes to me whenever she can. She travels 60 minutes in each direction to teach me yoga or take me through a restorative yoga practice. She teaches classes in the Aventura, Florida area. Let me know if you need her information. She is an Anusara Yoga teacher (John Friend).

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