Epsom Salts: Poop Away

holistic health tip constipationGot problems with constipation?

Try soaking in a bath with Epsom salts. They fill your pores with magnesium, a mineral that triggers peristalsis. Say what? That’s the wave-like motion of muscles in your digestive tract pushing food along.  Magnesium delivers electrical charges that spark the nerves that fire those muscles.

Tips for Epsom Salt Baths (This is not rocket science.)

Step 1: Fill tub with hot water, and pour salts under running water so that they dissolve easily. How much? Two cups of salts seems to be the standard for your average tub, but experiment. Personally, I use less and they still move lupper along.

Step 2: Add 1/4 cup or more of baking soda (to help soften skin).

Step 3:  Turn off water, let it cool a bit, then hop in. Soak up to 20 minutes.  I also like to add a few drops of oil–but beware. It can make the tub floor slippery and create a hazard for your next guest.


What are your tips for soaking in Epsom salts? for avoiding constipation? Have you tried massaging your own belly?

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