The Freedom of Matzoh–Depending

Matzoh–the unleavened bread that Jews consume this time of year–can be either your Moses or your Pharoah, depending on how it’s clothed. 

Stripped of its outer layers, white matzoh is a demon, clogging up your intestines with starch that doesn’t budge.

But when it’s dressed in its dark, multi-layered overcoat, or bran, whole grain matzoh can deliver you from one of the world’s greatest evils–constipation.   That’s because bran provides a type of fiber that bulks up your stool and helps sweep out your pipes.

“It’s my savior,” cried a loved one who has suffered from evil for years. Now s/he’s going twice daily.

Considering that industrial milling goes back to the 1800s, those characters in the Bible were likely equally blessed.






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