Holistic Health Tip: Ergonomic Elimination

You’ve got to be kidding. Just when you thought you had been doing it right since the age of two, along comes a better way of sitting on the can:

Prop your feet on a footstool specially designed for elimination.

Apparently when sitting on a traditional western toilet, your anal canal remains kinked. But by elevating your feet alongside your body, the muscle surrounding your rectum relaxes and your elimination channel straightens.  

The position simulates squatting—the most primal stance for doing your business.   In fact, if you really want to take this matter to the next level, you could even order a squat toilet.  

But you don’t really have to go that far and make yet another purchase. Just find a couple of blocks to stack next to your throne. And make sure they’re high enough to throw you into position.  How high is that? About two yoga blocks on each side.  You’ll feel the difference.   

2 thoughts on “Holistic Health Tip: Ergonomic Elimination

  1. Elevating your feet on blocks relaxes your abdominal muscles which are linked to the pelvic floor muscles. Leaning forward at the waist, resting your hands on your thighs with your feet supported on the floor (without blocks) also relaxes these muscles.

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