Essential Life Props: A Loofa

holistic tip loofaYour skin’s gotta breathe. It’s your largest organ. It lets sweat out, keeps germs from getting in and activates Vitamin D.

But when your skin is covered with crusty dead cells, it can’t do its job.

The solution: a loofa.

According to Hippocrates Health Institute, we should be scrubbing off the dead cells regularly. Do it before bath or shower time. Rub a loofa on the dry skin in circular and/or long sweeping motions, always towards the heart. Then rinse off the remaining flakes. Ideally, we should be sloughing off daily.


1 thought on “Essential Life Props: A Loofa

  1. I agree. I saw some guy do it in a public sauna once (this was in Germany) and found it strange. But my wife does it all the time now and has managed to convince me to do it too

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