Reclining Big Toe 3

angi strap 1 033

Open the leg to the side of the body, keeping the center of both knees in line with the center of the toes. Keep the other thigh pressing into the ground. Try to keep both sides of the sacrum evenly pushing into the ground, although that will not be easy. Imagine that the hip bones, where Angi is touching, are moving in towards each other. Spread the toes, and imagine  your feet are pushing through walls.

angi strap 3 022

Very gently bring the raised leg to the opposite side. Keep your other thigh pressing into the ground. Pause at various spots along the way that feel they need releasing and gently sway your leg, drawing it towards and away from your shoulder, to lubricate the hip joint. Then hold the position and breathe into the sensation.

angi strap 3 026

When the sensation softens, you can move your leg further, into the next layer of tension. You don’t want pain, just “delicious discomfort”—Angi’s signature expression.

angi strap 3 029

Roll over on your hip a bit towards your extended leg, and rest your foot on a block or on the ground.  Imagine that both feet are pushing into walls.

angi strap 3 032

Turn your head towards the other side. Keep your shoulders on the ground, although that’s not always possible. You can always place a blanket o

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