Reclining Big Toe 2

angi strap 1 027
angi strap 1 028

ARMS Place  your hands in the strap, palms facing each other, and extend your arms above your head. Lift your head, gently drawing your arms backwards. Don’t hike your shoulders.

LIFTED LEG  Press your lifted leg into the strap and away from your body. Gently move the femur of your raised leg to the back of your thigh so that you feel space in the groin. You can then draw that leg as close as possible to your core as long as you maintain the space you’ve created in the groin.

GROUNDED LEG Keep the thigh on the ground moving downward (grounding your femur) and press that foot into a wall, real or imaginary.

FEET Make sure they are parallel, not turned out. Keep both feet active, toes spreading. Imagine you have toes in your heels, and spread them, too.

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