Legs Up the Tree

This posture is good for stretching hamstrings, releasing the back, calming the nerves and improving  sleep. Don’t do it on your own if you have high blood pressure.

angi strap 3 107

Bring one hip close to a tree or a wall.

angi strap 3 109

Swivel the legs up, and lie on the ground.

angi strap4 088

Keep the feet active.  Push through the heels and spread the toes. To stretch all three hamstring muscles, keep your legs straight.  Straighten the knees by drawing your femurs towards the tree, but don’t strain the hamstrings. If need be, move further away from the tree.

angi strap 3 115

You can do this with or without a block under your sacrum. The sacrum should be evenly pressing into the block to build stability and a strong foundation in your sacral area.

Angie strap 4 106

You can also do this with straps, placing one around the tops of your thighs, one a little lower and one just above or below your knees.

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