Kale Super Salads

holistic recipes kale salads
Kale blueberry salad at http://www.supersaladsandmore.com

Eating raw crucifers is ideal for getting the anti-cancer benefits, but hard broccoli and cauliflower just don’t cut it for most of us. 

Kale, however, is a kinder, gentler choice. Smother her in a soothing sauce, then let her wither. Chew well for a happy gut.

This supersalads blogger has loads of ideas for raw kale salads.  Omit the sweetener, if you’re minding your sugars, which I’m sure you’re doing.   Kale and berries? Kale and apple? Kale and mint?

p.s. I used a third of the amount of walnuts in the kale blueberry salad recipe–and was happy with the results.

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