Herbs for Stress

holistic health, herbs for stress
One of Lord Vishnu’s lady friends?

Ashwagandha and Rhodiola.  Sound like a couple of Pocohantas’ playmates?  Actually, they’re plants, with roots that go back way beyond her time.

Back to the Ayurveda (That’s 5000 years), back to the Vikings…  

And then there’s Holy Basil.  A plant revered by Hindus, legend has it that Holy Basil is the incarnation of one of Lord Vishnu’s consorts!  Holy shit! Am I allowed to say that here? 

All of these herbs—along with others— are called adaptogens, so named because they help your body adapt to stress. They help balance cortisol, which your adrenal glands secrete in response, and help maintain the equilibrium of other biochemicals associated with internal frenzy. Adaptogenic herbs also boost your energy, which means don’t take them too close to bedtime.

The company Gaia Herbs makes a nice formula called Adrenal Health;  I’ve been taking it for a year-plus  and swear it makes a difference in my inner calm.   Some of the herbs inside are also supposed to unlock your sex drive, but that part I will not vouch for.  

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