Perfection or Excellence?

Perfection or excellence?  Those are your choices for the coming year. After I gave birth to a child with challenges, the answer was obvious.

Perfection is impossible. Sure, it might be a worthy goal, but if you try to keep perfecting whatever it is you’re trying to do, you’ll never get there.  Take Hillary Clinton. Some say she got so bogged down perfecting details of a universal health plan that she missed her chances.  Or blogging, for example. For the past three months, I’ve been researching a story for you on what’s the best kind of salmon to buy, but have you read the piece yet? No. That’s because I’m still studying—and could go on and on speaking to authorities and never have a perfect answer.  There just isn’t one.

“Perfection is disastrous. Excellence is triumphant.” Somebody else said that, but do I really have to make this piece perfect and locate the source?

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