Cell Phone Safety

Choose a phone with the lowest SAR rating (specific absorption rate; it measures the strength of the magnetic field that the body absorbs.)  Check the web for SAR rankings of various phones.

● The strength of the magnetic field increases exponentially as the phone gets closer to the body.  Keep it as far away as possible.

● Use the speaker phone or a wireless Bluetooth headset or a hands free kit with an air tube in the last 8 inches.

● Biological effects are related to length of exposure.  Use the phone just to establish contact, limit length of talks, and call back on a landline phone with a cord. (Cordless ones use microwave technology similar to cell phones.)

● Wait until the other person picks up before putting it to your ear. This will limit the power emitted by the electromagnetic field.

● Switch ears often.

● Better yet, use text messaging to communicate (thereby limiting proximity to body and length  of exposure.)

● Do not use a cell phone in a moving vehicle or when the signal is weak.  This will increase the power to its maximum because the phone keeps trying to connect to a new transmission antenna.

● Don’t carry a live phone on you constantly, even in standby. Don’t keep near you at night.  Put in “flight” or “offline” mode to stop electromagnetic transmissions.

● When you do carry it, make sure the side with the keypad is towards your body and the back side is away from your body. The back side is the antenna side and creates a stronger magnetic field.

● Stand far away from a person using a phone, and don’t use yours in public places where you can expose others to your phone’s electromagnetic fields.

Source: “Anticancer  A New Way of Life,” an easy and intelligent guide to better  health , by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD   (© 2008)  www.anticancerways.com

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