1. Harriet, this is great!!!!! What a lot of work. I, too, need a lot of time to look at everything.
    I did look at al yourl personal videos and a few others, like cooking plantain with garlic and salt or cups of oil and tobassco sauce and how to do my makeup.
    Why don’t you like your name? i like it and it suits you.
    The drawing of of the carrot stick figure is a scream as well as your openiing topic. I can’t eat carraway seeds and I don’t have a fluff brush, What to do?

    • Throw the caraway seeds in some homemade coleslaw (olive oil and vinegar dressing, not mayo–and cut it chunky), and visit Annie Young Cosmetiques (see beauty page) for your fluffy brush.
      It’s a must, according to Montreal’s beauties. And boy we have a lot of them.

    You sly fox…I was expecting a TV show! This is so much more modern and accessible. Love the format. Great unexpected tidbits of information. You are the perfect model specimen in the video clips. How do I sign up to get daily updates?

    I’ll send this to my brother who will certainly have something to contribute.
    xxxooo Holly

  3. hooray for harriet!…is there a way for all the goddesses here to chat with each other?…a forum page maybe?…keep up the good work, sista…sss

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