Reclining Big Toe 1

Here’s Angi’s take on Supta Padangusthasana, Reclining Big Toe Pose.

angi strap 3 009 angi strap 3 012 angi strap 3 018

Do it in three positionswith the strap around the ball of the foot, then around the arch, then around the heel.

angi strap 1 004

Hold this stretch

Place the strap around the ball of your foot first. Bend the strapped leg and slowly extend it. Pull down on the straps. Imagine that each foot is pressing against a wall. (You can even press your lower leg into a real wall.) Keep feet parallel, not turned out.

angi strap 1 006

If your back hurts, bend your leg.

angi strap 1 049

Make sure your lower thigh is pressing into the ground. If there is a big gap between the back of your thigh and the floor, take a cushion or blanket and place it underneath.

angi strap 1 053

Dont crunch your shoulders, like Angi is doing here.

Baby Toe Up

Baby Toe Up

Big Toe Up

Big Toe Up

Point your baby toe up, then point your big toe up. Keep alternating, moving smoothly back and forth. Then point and flex the foot a few times. You should feel the stretch all up and down your leg. Now do your other leg.

Point Toes

Point Toes

angi strap 1 008


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