Dietary Strategies

Dietary Strategies for Fighting Cancer: The Theories

The science of nutrigenomics—how nutrients interact with genes to affect health—is all the rage now, and we’re seeing more and more evidence that phytonutrients—nutrients from plant foods—can directly impact cancer genes. How do these nutrients work?  Here are the various theories. 

Phytonutrients can

● boost the immune system

● stop the cancer cells’ growth cycle and interfere with chemicals and processes, such as elevations in blood glucose, that promote growth

● encourage cancer cells to mature into healthy tissue (differentiation) or to commit suicide (apoptosis)

● stop them from producing blood vessels that allow them to grow and spread (anti-angiogenesis)

● reduce the effects of hormones, including estrogen, that fuel growth

● control inflammation in the body (the theory being that inflammatory chemicals suppress the immune system and encourage tumors to grow and spread).

Controlling the inflammatory process by eating fish or fish oils high in Omega-3 fatty acids and maintaining even blood sugar levels are among the many dietary strategies for improving our health.   

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1 thought on “Dietary Strategies

  1. Harriet, yours is one of two sites I’ve ever sent to everyone in my contacts list. Thanks for sharing this. I utilize the information and share it with my patients as well. I am a psychotherapist and many women come in pain and confused. The user friendly, uplifting site makes them feel nurtured, not lectured, and aids them in dropping their defenses in order that they can hear the information and change their direction.
    I recently learned through Diabetes Self Management about the effects of diabetes on my thyroid and vice versa and the essentials of adding iodine to reverse my hypothyroidism. Adding Kelp, Black Walnut, and Licorice Root tablets to my daily diet have gotten metabolism running in a higher gear and my lbs. melting off. I expect my HBP and diabetes to be in check within 6 months or less. Everything is better. I feel younger with less inflammation and increasing immunities. Now if I can control this extra skin and wrinkles LOL. Oprah had once said the cure for wrinkles is “fat.”. I’d rather be wrinkled. Saving for surgery :). Thanks Harriett. You encouragede in all. The ways I mentioned you are encouraging me patients now. Patti

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